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What is voice physical therapy?

Voice physical therapy involves manual therapy to the peri-laryngeal structures and improving the efficiency of the power-source-filter model. The goal is to enable optimal, efficient and pain free vocal fold vibration.  Treatment includes soft tissue massage to the muscles in the front of the neck, tongue root, shoulder girdle, base of the skull, and respiratory muscles as well as joint mobilizations to the larynx, TMJ, ribcage, base of the skull, etc. A skilled voice physical therapist will also evaluate the trunk and pelvis for alignment and breathing pattern.

Voice physical therapy is aimed at breaking the maladaptive voice cycle by improving respiration, vocal fold vibration and phonation in order to enhance the speaking, occupational or performance voice. A voice physical therapist typically works in tandem with Speech Therapy, Laryngology and ENTs to support the patient.

Those who would benefit from voice physical therapy are teachers, therapists, singers or other occupational voice users who experience vocal fatigue, pain with swallowing, speaking or singing, and voice changes (crackles or reduced vocal range). Voice problems often go hand-in-hand with TMJ problems and headaches and all of these issues are addressed during voice physical therapy.

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